Forms and Letters

Being the parent of two kids, 2 years apart, I clearly remember the first weeks of grade school when they would each come home with what seemed like an endless stream of letters and forms that needed my immediate attention. Unfortunately, in this day and age, the Board is requiring  more and more of these forms to be signed, so it seems that the number of papers coming home is getting even greater. I apologize and understand if you are wondering if it’s ever going to end.

At this point (Thursday Sept. 8th) the following letters/forms should have arrived home:

  • an introduction letter from myself,
  • a letter from Mr. Leadbetter (our Principal),
  • a school year calendar (always a lovely addition to the frig door),
  • an insurance letter and brochure (the letter portion needs to be returned signed)
  • a permission form to take the kids off school grounds (needs to be signed and returned),
  • a lunchroom policy form (needs to be signed and returned)

Yikes! And we’re still not done. Thanks for your patience.

Image result for piles of forms and letters


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